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        Select grease should make clear above all its purpose. According to the grease play a leading role can be roughly divided into antifriction, protection, sealing three categories, and choose grease will see its in the use of part of the role of is to which one is given priority to .
      1.Consider lubrication parts of the working temperature
        Mechanical friction parts of the temperature and temperature change, the grease lubrication and service life has a decisive ring, & NBSP; & NBSP; Lubrication parts of the working temperature is an important basis for choice of grease.
      2.Consider lubrication parts of the load
      3.Considering the speed of lubrication part
        Because grease belongs to the rheological system, its similar viscosity with the increase of shear rate and change. Therefore, grease physical condition and lubrication to lubrication components operating speed are particularly sensitive to this point and different lubricating oil .
      4.Consider lubrication parts of the environment and the contact of the medium
        Lubrication part surroundings and the contact of the media on the grease properties have great influence, therefore, in the selection of grease, should be careful consideration.
      5.Considering the grease filling mode
        The grease filling method is artificial filler and pump concentrated charging. Daub, filling, grease gun charging, grease cup charging belong to artificial filler .
      6.From the comprehensive benefit into consideration
        When choose grease can't just care about the price, but also to see if it could extend the lubrication cycle, reduce maintenance cost, etc. Only the comprehensive benefit of outstanding grease, is suitable grease. Flying grease in the industry wide application, comprehensive lubrication service plan in solving your equipment lubrication problem, but also let you enjoy the best lubrication service .

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